Projects Undertaken
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Wellington PT SHS Performing Arts Ext.
Seventh Ave
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The Gap State School
Wellington & Gumdale State Schools
Projects undertaken by Michael De Re as Project Manager for major construction companies

Seventh Ave

Stage 1 – Garage/Office

The former home of one of Brisbane’s longest serving commercial builder sat unrefurbished for more than 40 years. Stage 1 refurbishment leaves most of the corner block residence untouched except the remodelling of the front entry and conversion of the existing single garage into a functional office. A new double garage was added/relocated to the side of the home. New block retaining/boundary walls and entry gatehouse create more useable yard space that was not possible on the original corner block layout.

Value: $278,000

Duration: 4 months – November 2009 to February 2010

Architect: Owen & Vokes